Winter Storage Contract

5 John Walsh Boulevard Peekskill, NY 10566
(914) 736-6942

Oct 15th to May 15th

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Season is from October 15th through May 15th. You will be charged a daily rate of $50 per day after May 15th.
STORAGE RATE includes: Haul, Pressure Wash, Storage, Blocking , Jackstands & Spring Launch.

DRY Storage, reconditioning, repair work, alteration or sale of boats in rented space ashore agreement is as

  1. It is mandatory that all bottoms are power washed by C P Marina, LLC
  2. Owners may do their own work but may not employ outside professional help unless permission is granted
    by C P Marina, LLC. and a 10% fee will be charged to the boat owner.
  3. Damage/loss of boat: third party Liability. (A) The owner assumes all risk of loss or damage to or destruction of the boat from any cause whatsoever during the term of this agreement. (B) Owner shall pay, defend, indemnify and hold the Marina (C P Marina, LLC) it’s successors and assigns, agents and employees harmless from and against any loss, damage liability, cost or expense howsoever caused, except those arising out of the marinas own negligence, suffered or accrued b or asserted against the marina arising out of or connected with injuries of or arising out of storage , hauling, launching or blocking the boat hereunder or the marinas possession and the control of the boat during the term of the agreement. (C) Furthermore, the owner shall maintain sufficient amounts of liability insurance in effect to adequately cover the risk of the marina and to persons entering onto the marina property resulting from storage of the boat. The owner shall maintain insurance, insuring the boat and its contents from fire, wind, theft, collision, vandalism or other causes… A COPY OF THE OWNER’S INSURANCE POLICY MUST ACCOMPANY THIS AGREEMENT THE POLICY MUST BE IN EFFECT THROUGHOUT THE TERM OF THIS AGREEMENT
  4. A 10% commission will be charged for all boats/trailers listed and sold through the yard. A 5% commission will be collected for any boat/trailer sold from these premises.
  5. Winter Storage Payment in full by October 15th or haul date which ever is earlier No boat will be hauled or allowed in the DRY storage area without payment in full.
  6. All boats will be placed by the yard as they are hauled. Spring launching notices will be sent to boat owners. Boat owner’s failure to have boat ready will be charged for any move of the boat at the discretion of
    the marina.
  7. Bottom Preparation & Painting. Owners who wish to prepare their own boats must dispose of all residues in accordance with New York State regulations. Work area must be prepared as required by the regulations.
  8. It is the Boat Owners responsibility to bring the boat to the utility floater for hauling & move it to slips on